Nigeria’s military postpones fighting Boko Haram to conduct special parade

Nigeria’s military will postpone the fight against Boko Haram to allow it’s top brass to conduct a special military parade known as- Burying Your Heads In The Sand.

The country’s military had earlier triggered the postponement of the February 14 presidential and legislative elections claiming they cannot guarantee a secure election when most of its troops will be committed to the renewed effort to fight and defeat Boko Haram in 6 weeks, a feat the Nigerian military has failed to accomplish in 6 years.

The military’s top brass will be expected to have their heads conveniently buried in the sand for an undisclosed period of time. However, they will periodically raised their heads from the hole to engage in politics and finger-pointing while Chadian forces continue to battle the insurgents on their behalf.

The Commander-in-chief will also partake in this special parade, only emerging on March 28 for presidential elections.