No more ‘I don’t have Cedis,’ we accept card payments- KIA porters tell borgas

Borgas planning to attempt the often used “I don’t have Cedis” excuse to avoid tipping porters at the airport this Christmas season can start thinking of another excuse.

Leaders of the porters union at the KIA have reportedly acquired several electronic payment machines to facilitate these gratuity payments. “Now we have also gone hi-tech. If you don’t have Cedis, dollars or pounds, all you have to do is to simply pay with your debit or credit card,” explained one of the union leaders.

He explained that although tipping is discretionary, porters “usually accept a minimum tip of GHC 10 or $10 or £5.” He insisted that the porters offered invaluable services which deserves to be rewarded. “We make these borgas feel important by calling them by all sorts of titles and accolades-chief, boss, director, Nana, senior, big man and oga. Then we find them trolleys and help them find their bags. And if we think you’re a really big man, we will even push your loaded trolley for you. This is the impeccable service we provide. You may not have asked for it but once we’ve offered it, you must give us something small.”

The electronic payment machines which will go into operation over the weekend accepts payments from all the major debit and credit card brands. “We have covered all the major credit and debit cards to ensure that the borgas, especially the chisel UK borgas, do not go through the airport without giving us some small something for the Christmas.”





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