Olele Settles Ghana- Ivory Coast Maritime Dispute


The ruling yesterday by the International Court of Justice, Hague, confirmed the oil-rich C100 maritime space as Ghana’s territory. The ruling puts an end to the long standing dispute between Ghana and Ivory Coast over a piece of the ocean believed to hold around 2 billion barrels of oil reserves and another 1.2 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

Minutes after the ruling, the head of the Ghanaian legal team is purported to have praised Olele for the part he played in the legal proceedings- “the importance of Olele’s evidence during this trial cannot be overemphasized. He single-handedly won us the case.”

The evidence of Olele was considered crucial as he is the only living human present at the time of creation and consequently the only one to have witnessed God apportion that piece of the ocean and all that is beneath it to His beloved Ghana.

With his words, Olele has done for Ghana what he could not do with his hands. The nation of Ghana will forever be indebted to this youthful old man.


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