Olele will be our lead witness in the Ghana/Ivory Coast maritime dispute- AG

Ghana’s Attorney General Marrietta Brew Appiah-Oppong has revealed that, not for the first time, the nation’s hopes will be resting in the hands of Richard Olele Kingson.

The former Black Stars oldie goalie will be called upon as nation’s lead witness after the AG files an arbitration suit against the Ivory Coast over the oil-rich maritime space between the two nations. The AG made this revelation in reaction to suggestions that a witness statement by the British might help Ghana win the legal battle with its western neighbour. “Who needs the British when you have Olele. This man wasn’t just a safe pair of hands for the national football team, he was also a good friends of Adam. Olele was present when the borders of all nations were demarcated by the creator. He saw it all so who can doubt his word when he appears before the arbitration commission to speak on our behalf?”

Olele’s statement is expected to be key in swinging the verdict in favour of Ghana. “If Olele appears before the arbitration commission then there is no doubt which way the ruling will go. He is as old as the oil and gas deposits beneath the disputed waters. Olele was there with the dinosaurs so who are we to doubt his claims about border demarcations, remarked one independent legal expert.

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