One Helle Of An O’drama


You could be the most powerful man in the world but when you piss off the wife in public, you can be certain you will be put in your place. President Obama found out the hard way.

The United States president apparently found himself in the dog house after he was caught by Michelle Obama flirting with a certain blond woman at the Mandela memorial service.

It all begun when this Nordic beauty believed to be the Danish Prime Minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, asked to take a selfie with Mr Obama to help increase her followers on Instagram. The British PM, David Cameron reportedly poked his head into the frame hoping to gain the attention of this lady but it seemed she only had eyes for the choc man.

The blondie is believed to have complimented the silver-tongued politician on his splendid oratory, to which he responded “I’m much impressive at pillow talk.”

An unamused Michelle Obama gave subtle eye signals to the president but he refused to take notice. Failing that, she escalated her efforts and took the fight straight to this flirtatious woman, “ Nordic girls want to take every descent black statesman around, you took Kofi Annan and now you’re trying to get Barrack? You’re better off going after Zuma or Mugabe.”

The president like a naughty school boy was reassigned a new seat away from his new friend and left to contemplate what sort of punishment he will be getting tonight. A stern faced Michelle took the seat between her husband and his new friend and appeared to be in no mood for reconciliatory talks. She then turned her back to her adversary and started humming the 90s hit “The Boy Is Mine.”

Taken aback by Michelle’s direct approach, the Danish PM resorted to what we all do when we get caught out in awkward situations- play Crush Candy on our phones.

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