Pentecost Uni to compensate 11 aggrieved past students with honorary doctorates from Day Spring Uni

Pentecost University College will, as part of a proposed out-of-court settlement deal, compensate 11 aggrieved past students with honorary doctorates purchased from the renowned Day Spring Christian University of Mississippi, USA.

The 11 former students are accusing the church-owned university of fraud after they were deceived into taking a bogus 4-year undergraduate degree course offered by the university.

A source within the university’s administrative set up has confirmed that authorities have purchased 11 honorary doctorates from Day Spring Christian University- the American university famed for generously dishing out honorary doctorates to any Ghanaian who is able to afford. These honorary degrees will form part of a compensation package that authorities will use to entice aggrieved students to withdraw the law suit.

“Even though these students only paid for an undergraduate degree, they will be awarded, as part of a comprehensive compensation package, honorary doctorates from another Christian institution which shares our passion for sham courses and academic qualifications.”

The source also confirmed that Pentecost University College has reached an agreement with Day Spring Christian University to be the sole distributor of Day Spring’s coveted honorary doctorates in West Africa.