Rebranded buses to go on display at the Museum of London

Rebranded buses to go on display at the Museum of London
116 pieces of extremely rare artefacts that cost the people of Ghana about $1 million will go on public display as part of “Scotland Yard’s Crime Museum”, which opens next month at the Museum of London.

Mr. Ollie Truth, the head of the museum said the six-month exhibition which has been put together by the London Metropolitan Police will devote an entire floor to the highly overpriced rebranded buses and will also feature other artefacts from some of the most notorious heists in history.

The 116 buses have been the subject of intense controversy after government defended its decision to dole out about $1.2 million of the taxpayer’s money to an artist to stick a few pictures on the buses, arguing that the rebranding exercise is “artistic work”, hence the hefty bill.

Mr. Truth said the “116 buses from Ghana are a unique record of unsophisticated and plain thievery that is so often orchestrated by criminal gangs posing as governments.”

“By putting the buses on display, we hope to highlight the crooked ways of these thieves for all to see,” he added.