Reporters troop to Ghana after asylum seekers in Brazil claim to be ‘fleeing violent conflict’

Dozens of international news reporters have trooped to the West African nation of Ghana after hundreds of Ghanaian football fans who entered Brazil as tourists to watch the World Cup matches asked for asylum, claiming to be “fleeing violent conflicts” between different religious groups in Ghana.

The claims of a violent sectarian conflict in Ghana by the 200 asylum seekers prompted several journalists to whizz off to Ghana in a quest to cover a conflict that never was. “We got to Accra, the Ghanaian capital expecting to walk into a war zone but we were met with absolute peace and wide grinning immigration officers. The only violent conflict going on in that country is a battle between the the local currency and the other major currencies. I can report that the Ghana Cedi is being ruthlessly slaughtered by the dollar and pounds sterling,” explained an Al Jazeera correspondent.

A number of the the asylum seekers who spoke to our reporter in Brazil confirmed they had asked for asylum in Brazil because of “a violent conflict.” Challenged on the grounds that Ghana is currently not experiencing any violent conflict, one asylum seeker simply responded, “poverty is the worse form of violence.”

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