Ripped Off In Little Tokyo

Ghana’s Ambassador to Japan, Mr Edmund Deh, has allegedly been recalled to Accra to head the government’s new anti-fraud unit.

A statement purportedly released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration said, “Mr. Deh’s appointment comes following recommendations from the Japanese Police and an unknown Japanese gambling syndicate. The ambassador is certainly the man for the job, he is detail-oriented, thorough and on most occasions, meticulous to a fault. He is the kind of man who likes to dot his T’s and cross his I’s.”

“Mr. Deh can smell scams and forgeries a mile away. And this is exactly the kind of professional skill set we need within the anti-fraud unit. We hope he will bring his experiences to bear as the government takes a lead role in the fight against scammers and fraudsters.”

As head of this special anti-fraud unit, Mr. Deh will lead government’s efforts to crackdown on illegal gambling in the country. The ambassador, who counts attention to detail as one of his strong points, will also be tasked with double checking all government contracts and legal documents before the president or any other government official signs the dotted line.



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