Russia 2018 World Cup official theme song released- ‘We Are Racists’

With just about 3 years before football’s biggest fiesta kicks off in Russia, fans around the world have been given a taste of what to expect with the release of the official theme song for the 2018 FIFA World Cup- ‘We Are Racists’

The Russian Football Union (RFU) said the song was written and co-produced by a band of Russian football hooligans and other racist elements within the Russian society. The song title, according to the football administrators, aptly reflects the country’s football culture. “Every World Cup host brings something special to the table. The previous World Cup in Brazil was about the infectious samba atmosphere, the one before that was about South Africa’s warm hospitality and the vuvuzelas. The Russian World Cup will be about monkey chants and casual racism both on and off the pitch. That’ll be our special contribution to the game.” 

Officials confirmed that the 2018 World Cup official theme song features the same monkey chants which were directed at Ghanaian and former Arsenal player Emmanuel Frimpong during a game between FC Ufa and Spartak Moscow. The midfielder was subsequently sent off for reacting to continued racial abuse from Spartak fans. FC Ufa’s general director Shamil Gazizov, described the monkey chants as mere “emotions which go away after the game” and advised Frimpong “to hold back the tears and put up with it.”

Apart from the the title, which is in English, the rest of the lyrics is in Russian but fans have been assured the song is “easy to sing along because it only features racial slurs which are catchy and easy for non-Russian speakers to sing.”

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