Samsung unveils Galaxy S6 Dum; solar-powered smartphone for Ghanaian market

Samsung has unveiled a special version of its Galaxy range with solar-charging capabilities for the Ghanaian market.

The Galaxy S6 Dum which has been specially designed for users in Ghana is expected to help Samsung re-establish itself as a dominant force within Ghana’s mobile phone sector after the South Korean company lost considerable ground to “yam phones” from China. “Yam phones” boast of considerably better battery life, making them the preferred choice for most Ghanaians who are currently experiencing power cuts lasting up to 24 hours.

The new smartphone will charge itself from the abundant sunlight and other artificial light, a feature Samsung hopes will appeal to all Ghanaians. “You don’t have to stop WhatsApping or commenting on that Facebook post because you have a low battery. All you have to do is allow your phone to soak in some light,” explained Mr. Na Li, a senior executive from Samsung.

He also revealed that the Galaxy S6 Dum comes with a pre-installed app which gives users an up-to-date dumsor schedule for their communities. “You don’t need to worry about keeping track of your ‘dum’ days. The phone does all of that for you.”

Although the price of the new handset is yet to be announced, Mr. Li urged Ghanaians to “drop that yam and pick up the Galaxy S6 Dum.”

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