Saturday Night Powder Seized From Ship


Five persons have been arrested by Ghanaian security officials aboard a Guyanese ship carrying tons of substances believed to be the much sort after Saturday Night Powder.

Forget about Paco Rabanne 1 Million or CK One, back in the 80s and 90s, Saturday Night Powder was the bomb. A slap of the scented powder under your armpit and around your neck and chest made sure girls smell your swag miles away.

But the supply mysteriously dwindled driving this precious powder underground. As a result, it became the preserve of a few wealthy individuals who could afford it. The supply chains were also consequently kept a secret to prevent theft and bureaucratic regulations.

The Ghanaian authorities however hit the jackpot when they acted on credible intelligence and intercepted the Guyanese ship.

Following the seizure, the Ghanaian government has appointed one Mr Tagor as Minister for Powder Distribution. He is believed to be a powder guru and will use his expertise to formulate a plan on how best to use this precious powder to benefit the nation.

Ghana is truly blessed! Oil production has started successfully and now we have bags of powder randomly turning up at our door step.

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