Shoprite to start selling diplomatic passports

Individuals wishing to acquire a Ghanaian diplomatic passport can now do so while doing their grocery shopping.

Ghana’s passport issuing authority has unveiled plans to retail diplomatic passports through the supermarket chain Shoprite. This is believed to be an attempt by authorities to officially commercialise and streamline the diplomatic passport acquisition process. “We want to make the process more convenient for those who can afford it,” explained a source at the passport office.

Shoprite is expected to begin stocking its shelves with stacks of genuine Ghanaian diplomatic passports which will be available to anyone “with €4000 to spare.” Our source explained that “it did not matter if were Ghanaian, Russian or Martian; as long as your money is right, you could get your hands on a genuine Ghanaian diplomatic passport.” He added that “you could even be a wanted criminal and still manage to get one of the passports as long as you can cough up €4000.”

Under the proposed retail arrangement, Shoprite will stock blank copies of the Ghanaian diplomatic passports which will be filled with a buyer’s details once payment has been made at the till.

“This new process is extremely convenient. You can purchase your passport without having to encounter the miserable faces of those ordinary Ghanaians who queue up for hours to pick up their ordinary passports which takes four months to come through,” remarked another source at the passport office.

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