Sign Of A Great Leader


On Tuesday, as one great leader was laid to rest, another emerged. Amidst rapturous cheers, the restless and expectant crowd inside the FNB stadium in South Africa welcomed President Obama as he took his place amongst the cocktail of current and former heads of states/governments and celebrities.

Buoyed by the cheering crowd, a confident Obama took to the stage to deliver what was expected to be a moving speech, one fitting for the occasion.

With the attention of the crowd fully in his grip, he begun his rhetoric with full confidence. Unsurprisingly Obama held the world’s attention with his exceptional oratory skills. What followed was however unexpected, but it is believed to have propelled the US president into a cult status the world over.

It is alleged the Secret Service- the president’s personal protection agency, had alerted him via a device planted behind those ears, that the interpreter standing next to him, whose job it was to translate the Mandela memorial service into sign language was a ‘fake’. His hand gestures were as meaningful as hcwshshshjpc.

But Obama was not going to let the millions of deafs around the world miss out on his remarkable speech.

To the outmost surprise of the millions gathered at the stadium and the billions glued to their television screens around the world, the US president begun to translate his own speech into sign language. After each spoken line, he will pause to translate his words into sign language with precise hand signals.

The bemused crowd was whipped into a frenzy and begun chanting the American leader’s name. He had turned an embarrassing situation around and in so doing, had endeared himself to millions around the world.

The picture above, exclusively obtained from our sources at the White House, captures the moment when Barrack Obama signed his way into history, leaving the ‘fake interpreter’ lost for words. This singular act by President Obama is being described by many experienced political analysts as a sign of an undoubtedly great leader.

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