Snow Storm To Hit Ghana- Met Service

The Ghana Meteorological Services Department warns that parts of Ghana could see snow for the very first time as the torrential rains which disrupted the 57th Independence Anniversary Celebration yesterday let up only to be replaced by severe wintry conditions.

The National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) has subsequently taken steps to avert the embarrassment that befell the nation during the Independence Day parade. The disaster management agency has therefore begun the distribution of fur coats throughout the country.

Several pictures have already emerged on social media networks of Ghanaians trying out their new outfits.

NADMO has also advised the ex-borgas who still have their winter coats to use this opportunity to take photos in the snow to update their online albums.

The managements of the three popular social media sites; Twitter, Instagram and Facebook also expect a considerable increase number of photo uploads from Ghana.

The Met Service which came under fire yesterday for failing to accurately forecast weather conditions, is confident Ghanaians will in the coming days wake up to at least 20 inches of snow.

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