Sweden To Import Afro Hair From Ghana As Lupita’s Popularity Soars

Sweden has supposedly reached a deal with Ghana to import afro hair to satisfy the sudden high demand in the Scandinavian country as Swedish women become increasingly obsessed with Lupita’s hair.

Lupita Nyong’o has understandably captured the world’s attention with her talent and her signature short-cropped hair following her astounding performance in the hit movie, ’12 Years A Slave’. With her varying natural hair styles, the 30 year old Kenyan actress has redefined the standard of beauty and now, blue eyed Scandinavian women are reportedly shaving off their blond hair and donning teeny weeny afro wigs.

This new phenomenon dubbed ‘Lupitamania’ has reportedly gripped most of the Scandinavian region but it is yet to find its way to Ghana and the rest of Africa.

Most Ghanaian women prefer wearing long flowing silky human hair imported from Brazil, Peru and India. The Swedish government is therefore keen to take in the afro hair most Ghanaian women would rather cover up with Brazilian hair or Indian hair collected from shrines where they have been offered as sacrifice.

Speaking at a press conference to announce this agreement, a Ghanaian government spokesman reiterated the sentiments of most Ghanaian men that, “for all the millions of dollars Ghanaian woman have forked out on Brazilian, Peruvian and Indian hair, it is time for them to help recoup that money back into the country.”

Government has consequently put in place structures to ensure the effective collection and exportation of the Ghanaian hair. Under the new regulations, any Ghanaian female wishing to buy Brazilian, Peruvian or Indian hair will have to give up a kilogram of their natural hair to obtain a coupon. This coupon can then be used to purchase the imported human hair from accredited hair retailers.

Over reliance on imports is a particularly knotty problem facing the Ghanaian economy and government hopes this hair deal will help uncurl the situation.

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