The Best Of 2013

As the year 2013 draws to a close, it is important that we recognise the achievements of certain individuals and institutions. YesiYesi Ghana brings you a list of Ghana’s top achievers in 2013.

The Most Honest Politician Of The Year

Victoria Hammah. Unlike most politicians, Madam Hammah was honest enough to make public her real reasons for entering politics.

Siblings Of The Year

Mahama and Hammah- Miss Hammah makes a second appearance on our list with his brother Mr. Mahama. In an exclusive interview, Madam Akosua Nimo, grandmother of the former deputy communication minister, disclosed that Vicky Hammah and President Mahama were siblings.


Best Selling Consumer Product At The Accra Mall

The importation of this animal food is a testimony to the sophisticated lifestyle of the Ghanaian middle-to-upper class. It is only right that the few at the top can afford to feed their pets with imported tin food whilst the many struggle to get three square meals.


Best Government Purchase Of The Year
Be Safe Condoms- The Ministry of Health purchased 100 million pieces of condoms for a knock down price of $5m.


Cooperate Takeover Of The Year

A certain Ghanaian, only identified as Kofi, acquired the beverages giant, Coca Cola


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