The YesiYesi Annual Review: 2014

2014 has been a particularly frustrating year for the ordinary Ghanaian. Frustrating that their economic circumstances have become even more challenging, frustrating that throughout the year, their elected leaders have sounded more like comedians rather than national leaders, frustrating that almost on a daily basis, they have had to wake up to scandal after scandal involving public officials. YesiYesi Ghana brings you some of the highlights of the year- from the ludicrous to the downright stupid.


Comeback of The Year


Gabriel Barima. His public outburst shot him onto the front pages. Then public condemnation shot him out of office, but when the media frenzy died down and Ghanaians routinely moved on to other unfolding scandals- as we often d0, the honourable DCE was sneaked back into office. This has CIA written all over it!

The Year’s Biggest National Security Threat


Toll Booths. Forget about about terrorists and chemical weapons. In 2014, the greatest threat to our national sovereignty was a toll booth located at the University of Ghana campus. Oh boy! Did the enemies of the state not feel the full weight of the law’s bulldozer?!

The Priciest Knickers of The Year

mr price

They weren’t bought in cedis or pounds or dollars. Three girls from the University of Ghana paid for a bagful of panties from the Accra Mall branch of Mr. Price with their dignity. What is the price of a pair of knickers?

The Most Disturbing Scientific Discovery of The Year


Fufu causes cancer! In a stroke of some brilliantly stupid insight, Honourable Justice Joe Appiah, MP for Ablekuma North has single-handedly made a discovery that will certainly alter Ghanaian eating habits forever. Bloody genius!

Economist of The Year


Seth Emmanuel Terkper and Mahamudu Bawumia can both take a seat at the back with your degrees and economic jargon. Please step forward Anita De Soso. With your Cedi/Dwarfs theory, you explained the very complex issue of the Cedi’s rapid depreciation in a language Ghanaians most understand- superstition.  Your very useful insight led the IMF to prescribe an economic recovery programme involving 7 days of verbally commanding the rise of the Cedi while we continue to spend more than we earn and import everything from rice to dog food.

Facebook Look Back Video of The Year

Electricity Company of Ghana’s (ECG) Look Back video is light years ahead of all others. Facebook’s Look Back video was a feature designed to mark the social network giant’s tenth anniversary. A one-minute video highlighting the biggest moments of your life on the social networking site. Millions of Facebook users around the world viewed this ECG video but unfortunately only a handful in Ghana have been able to see the video. The constant dumsor has made it difficult for most Ghanaians to watch this remarkable video chronicling ECG’s glowing record.

Most Diligent Diplomat of The Year


If you need a reliable fellow to dot your Ts and cross your Is, then Edmond Kofi Agbenutse Deh is your man. Ghana’s former ambassador to Japan unwittingly signed off a part of the Ghanaian consulate to gambling gang. He is as diligent as a…..

Most Diversified Company of The Year


Subah Infosolution. The ICT company deservedly won a GHC74 million bid to supply computers motorbikes to the district assemblies. The company’s tagline must be: “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

Best Piece of Investigative Journalism of The Year

Anas Aremeyaw Anas and Manasseh Azure Awuni I beg sit down somewhere. Please step forward the production team of GBC’s Moomen Tonight. The rigorous and inquisitive team of journalists made it possible for the nation to watch an exclusive interview with Ghana’s the youngest Noble Laureate Mr. Fraudster Fauster Atta Mensah.  This previously unknown linguistics/aeronautics/robotics/photoshop whiz-kid was tracked down by the highly professional journalists working at the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation- the station of the nation.


Most Sacred Document of The Year


Remember the Senchi Consensus? Yes? The taxpayer funded talk shop was in May. The 22-point resolution which was supposed to lead us to the promised land is so sacred it’s kept somewhere deep within the belly of some dusty cabinet at the National Archives.

To be continued……….

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