Trump challenged to give up stupidity for Lent 

A religious group in the United States has urged Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate and the father who wouldn’t mind dating his own daughter, to consider giving up moronic utterances for Lent.

The call comes as millions of christians in the US and around the world mark Ash Wednesday– the beginning of the 40-day Lenten season designed for followers of the christian faith to give up something they “like” in order to reflect on the suffering endured by Jesus when he fasted for 40 days in the wilderness.

The group says the unlikely Republican front-runner who has pledged to stand up for christianity likes nothing more than “stupid and deeply hateful speeches,” so giving up his foul mouth during the Lent will certainly be “the most christian thing to do.”

A spokesman for the group said, “If Trump is a christian as he claims, he will give up the one thing he likes- the buffoonery. Just 40 days.”

An insider from the Trump team told us the demagogue is unlikely to take up the challenge, “I don’t know how Donald will remain in the news by being sensible. That’s just not his style.”

“His is to act like a moron; that’s what get the headlines and the votes.”