UK company to improve energy situation in Ghana with turbines powered by hot air

Just a week after being hit with the harrowing news of intensified load shedding warning of power cuts lasting up to 24 hours, Ghanaians can now afford to smile and start singing hallelujah because there seems to be an end in sight for the nation’s chronic energy problem.

A British energy company has reportedly come up with the most innovative way to generate several megawatts of power that will make up for Ghana’s current energy deficit. This ground breaking technology generates electricity by utilising the hot air consistently spewed by Ghanaian politicians to operate high-yield turbines.

The company believes that with Ghanaian politicians consistently spouting hot air on radio, TV and anywhere else they can find the platform, generation of power through this new technology will soon become Ghana’s primary source of energy generation, surpassing the Akosombo Dam and the thermal plants. “Ghana is fortunate to have in abundance politicians who are full of pure, unadulterated hot air and it seems there are several generations of such politicians waiting in the wings so this country can safely rely on this particular kind of energy source for a long time,” revealed a company representative.

He also revealed that the turbines will be built and installed by the end of this month and they will be sited close to the sources of hot air to ensure maximum yield. “Most of our turbines will be located in the capital Accra and we aim to site them as close as possible to the sources of hot air. We have made plans to build several turbines around the Flagstaff House and the House of Parliament.” He pointed out that 3 years of hot air data gathering confirmed  these two locations to be the best sites for the turbines.

A government spokesman praised the Mahama administration for its efforts in making this project a success. “We unashamedly take credit for at least 90 percent of the hot air that will power these turbines. Ghanaians cannot say we have not done our bit to improve the energy situation in the country.” The spokesman also expressed optimism that with these turbines, Ghana can export excess power to neighbouring Nigeria as President Mahama promised his Nigerian counterpart earlier this month during the Africa Global Business and Economic Forum in Dubai.

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