Unemployment in South Africa drops as number of self-employed looters rise

The number of South Africans who are out of work has fallen in the last three weeks, according to official figures.

Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) says a fall in the unemployment rate among black South Africans in Durban and Johannesburg has been triggered by a sudden rise in self employment. The recent figures from Stats SA shows a sharp growth in the number of black South Africans registered as self-employed looters.

The employment survey compiled by Stats SA also indicates that the lucrative looting business flourishes only in parts of Durban and Johannesburg with large numbers of “African migrants” and “foreign-owned shops.”

Officials have attributed the rise in the number of self-employed looters to a job creation scheme designed by the Zulu king, Goodwill Zwelithini. One black South African who was jobless only a week ago expressed gratitude to the king. “A few days ago I had no job. My day was spent drinking alcohol in the slums. But now, thanks to the king, I am self employed. I’m a self employed looter, looting and burning foreign-owned shops,” he remarked.

President Jacob Zuma who has been struggling to curb unemployment and the growing inequality in the former apartheid state also welcomed the news and thanked the Zulu king for “finding scapegoats for the government’s failings.”

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