US-Africa Summit: Hollywood firm to invest $10bn in Chantal Biya’s hair as she lands lead role in The Lion King sequel

US President Barack Obama has revealed that an American movies production company has pledged $10bn worth of investment in Chantal Biya’s hair. The Cameroonian First Lady has also been offered a lead role in the sequel to the award winning movie, The Lion King.

The sequel, The Lion King and His Queen, is a dramatic depiction of the intense love affair between Simba’s Queen, to be played Chantal Biya, and her unruly hair.

The announcement comes on the last day of the US-Africa Leaders’ Summit taking place in Washington. The summit which was attended by over 40 African heads of state focused on harnessing the full potential of one of Africa’s most valuable resources- Chantal Biya’s hair.

The deal announced this morning included a $7bn partnership with the Latino community in the US to provide the Cameroonian First Lady with good Brazilian and Peruvian hair. This figure dwarfs the $7,000 Mrs. Biya purportedly spent on her current hairstyle.

One White House official revealed that a further $3bn will be spent on the provision of hair stylists and hairdressers to advice Chantal Biya on how best to wear that great mane of borrowed hair. “Just like her husband who enjoys spending borrowed money on a lavish lifestyle, Mrs. Biya likes to flaunt the borrowed hair she carries on her head.”

Speaking about the offer of a lead role in the movie The Lion King and His Queen, the spokesman for the Hollywood movie production company said, “Hakuna Matata! Chantal Biya’s hair makes a perfect fit for the role of Simba’s queen.”

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