US ‘connexion men’ chop Ghanaian tax payers’ money

An umbrella organisation representing all Ghanaian ‘connexion men’ has expressed outrage at the government’s decision to contract the services of an American lobbyist firm, Jefferson Waterman International, describing lobbyists as nothing more than ‘posh connexion men.’

The group is unhappy with the Ghanaian government for signing a secret agreement with the American “connexion men” which is likely to cost the Ghanaian taxpayer more than GHC 5million, at a time when Ghanaian ‘connexion men’ are struggling to stay in business.

The head of the association who works as a ‘visa connexion man,’ explained that ‘lobby firms like JWI are nothing more than glorified connexion men.’ He further explained that lobbyists, like ‘connexion men,’ do not need any certification requirement. ‘All we need is an Oga-at-the-top and you’re in business.’

Asked why it was a bad idea for government to shell out scarce national funds to help establish a positive image for the country, the Ghanaian ‘connexion man’ simply answered with an Akan proverb, ‘a good item always markets itself.’

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