Vanderpuije vows to end Accra floods with his magic red line

Alfred Oko Vanderpuije says he will end Accra’s cyclical floods with buckets of red paint and a handful of brushes.

The mayor of Accra made this revelation at a summit of preeminent mayors, urban scholars, architects and city leaders in London earlier this week where he also outdoored what has now been termed the “red line technology.” Mr. Vanderpuije told the CityLab 2015 summit that four months ago- (circa June 2015) when the residents of Accra were still reeling from yet another devastating flood- he and his staff, armed with buckets of red paint and some brushes, drew magic red lines along sidewalks in Accra’s busy business district, miraculously freeing up the previously crowded sidewalks.

According to the mayor, he did not require the use of a taskforce to keep traders from breaching his red line. With the stroke of a brush, Mr. Vanderpuije’s magic red line, just like the staff of Moses, parted the sea of chaos at Accra Central to create clear passages for padestrians, traders and vehicles.

Buoyed by the success of the red line technology on the sidewalks of Accra, Mr. Vanderpuije, who won the 2015 Africa’s best mayor award, hopes to use the same technology to fix the city’s recurrent flood issues. With his magic red line, he plans to demarcate the boundaries of rainwater. “Now when it rains, all the water will follow the path of my magic red line into the Red Sea.”

“Now this is what I call brushing over important issues,” he added.

WATCH Alfred Vanderpuije at the CityLab summit :