‘We Are All Monkeys’- Clippers owner goes bananas to support Alves against racism

Donald Sterling, the owner of the American professional basketball team, Los Angeles Clippers, has reportedly joined an online anti-racism campaign in support of Barcelona defender Dani Alves, who suffered racist abuse at a football game on Sunday.

The American businessman, who suffers from a rare medical condition called ‘Resents Africans Coloureds Indians Semitics and Mullatoes’- abbreviated as RACISM, posted a picture of himself with a banana alongside the Brazilian football star. The photo was reportedly posted on a number of social media sites with the hashtag #WeAreAllMonkeys.

The ‘We Are All Monkeys’ campaign which has now become an anti-racism meme, was started off by the Brazil international and Barcelona forward, Neymar, who posted a photo of himself on Instagram with a banana along with the hashtag #weareallmonkeys. Neymar’s act was inspired by fellow Barca and Brazilian team mate, Dani Alves, who had a banana thrown at him in a match against the Spanish La Liga side Villareal. Alves reacted in an unconventional manner; he picked up the banana, peeled it and ate it, before taking the corner kick. Neymar’s gesture has since been replicated by fellow professionals and thousands of other people as an act of defiance against racism.

Commenting on the banana throwing incident, Donald Sterling, described the banana thrower and all other individuals who are intolerant and discriminatory in their utterances and actions as morons who have no place in sports or indeed society. “Such individuals cannot be allowed in to watch live games or even own any professional sports team. They are pure douchebags”, he added.

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