‘We Don’t Want Flowers And Chocolates, Just Fix The Cedi’- Ghanaian Women

As Ghanaians, like the rest of the world celebrate Valentine’s Day- a day when people show feelings of love, affection and friendship- Ghanaian women have issued a strong worded statement to their men.

“We do not want flowers and chocolates, we want you to fix the cedi!”

As simple as a request can be, Ghanaian women are demanding that their men sit up and do the one thing that is dear to their hearts- to put the house in order.

Centuries ago, Sigmund Freud posed the question: What do women want? He did not have the answer. Neither has any man been able to answer this one question. A question that women themselves have struggled to answer satisfactorily.

But on this day, the 14th of February 2014, Ghanaian women have unequivocally stated what they want. And they want it now. “We do not want Chinese or American men to fix the economy. We want our men to be our heroes. And you know what heroes get? Everything! So if Ghanaian men want us to stop giving half measures, then they better start working.”

The statement ended, “we expect the true Ghanaian men to wake up and stop the cedi from falling because the only thing that should be falling in Ghana is us falling in love all over again with our men.”

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