‘We want free tickets to C’monwealth Games,’ cries gov’t sympathisers

Carrying on in the spirit of the season, a group of government sympathisers are planning to hit the streets of Accra to demand that government fully sponsors them to travel to Glasgow, Scotland to seek asylum watch the Commonwealth Games which was officially opened last night.

The members of the group said they were expecting the Ministry of Sports to extend to them the same generosity shown to some party sympathisers during the World Cup in Brazil. “We also voted for this government but didn’t get the chance to go to Brazil so we demand that government fully sponsors our trip to Scotland. Just like the Occupy Ghana people, our demands are FEW:
Free plane tickets
Entry visas to the UK and
Whatever amount of pounds the government can afford to give us,” the leader of the group said.

He assured Ghanaians that members of his group will not taint the good name of Ghana with anymore asylum-seeking stories. “We will not seek asylum in the UK, we will just disappear from our hotel.”

A member of the group revealed that he had made arrangements to go and live with his brother once the games are over. “I have a brother in London, he says he will come for me as soon as the games end. I’ll go and live with him in his big house. He says he lives somewhere in London close to the Manchester stadium.”

Another diehard supporter of the present administration added, “we’ve shown faith with the party for years and years; now, all we are asking is that they repay us by sponsoring our trip to Glasgow. It’s really hot in the kitchen so we want to step out just for a little while.”

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