‘We were the first to successfully transplant penises,’ claims Uni of Flagstaff House

A team of surgeons from Ghana’s University of Flagstaff House have challenged recent reports crediting the world’s first successful penis transplant to a team of South African surgeons.

According to the leader of the Ghanaian surgeons, he has performed several successful penis transplants since 2012. “I have been transplanting penises from one ministerial body to another for a long time now, so the South Africans cannot lay claim to that record,” revealed Dr. John. The Ghanaian explained that for him and his team, the transplant of penises is nothing more than a routine procedure. “Just this past weekend I transplanted some more penises. I removed one big penis from a sporty body and replaced him with another. This is no news, we do this all the time.”

Dr. John also explained that unlike the surgery in South African which lasted nine hours, his procedure takes only a few minutes to execute and a transplanted penis can be put to use immediately. “As soon as a penis is transplanted, it is ready for action. It can readily achieve erection and plough through the coffers of any body which avails itself.”

The Ghanaian surgeons opined that the lack of international recognition for their outstanding work in the field of penis transplant may be due to the difference in terminology. The leader explained that “all over the world, a penis transplant is a called exactly that, ‘penis transplant’ but here at the Flagstaff House, we call a penis transplant a ‘ministerial reshuffle.’ “

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