We will do it for everyone who has been refused an American visa- Black Stars

The Black Stars, who start their World Cup campaign against the USA later today, have vowed to make their opponent pay the penalty for every Ghanaian who has had to endure the deeply agonising experience of being refused entry to the United States.

When the Black Stars step out onto the pitch tonight, they will be playing for every Ghanaian who has had to queue for hours at the American Embassy in Accra only to be ‘bounced’ by some stern looking American behind a glass counter.

A member of the Black Stars squad, who requested anonymity, revealed that he is pumped up for tonight’s game by the traumatic experience of being ‘bounced’ a visa to the US when he was much younger, “when I step onto the pitch tonight, it will be my chance to humiliate Americans for chopping my visa fees. I had all the appropriate documents but that American woman behind the counter still ‘bounced’ me. Even though I used my uncle’s bank statement which showed a healthy balance, that woman said I was financially unsound. I remember that trotro journey back home; it was long and lonely. I know there are many Ghanaians who have gone through a similar experience, so tonight, when I play, I will be playing for them. On the pitch we will also show these Americans their football account is unsound. I will have the pleasure to refuse them entry to the next round of the World Cup.”

Another member of the squad also revealed he has an uncle who was deported from the US in the late 90s, “my uncle always sent me the freshest sneakers- Air Force Ones, Nike TNs, I had them all. But when he got deported my swag also got deported. So tonight, I will do it for my uncle and for that pair of TNs which was undeservedly abused because I no longer had an uncle in the US to send me new ones. Together we will deport the US to the bottom of the group.”

Today’s encounter in Natal will be the third time Ghana has met the US at the World Cup and the Blacks Stars are not just out to make it three wins out of three but are also certain to make this a complete drubbing.

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