What is the colour of this dress?

Broad disagreements over the colour of a dress which appeared online this morning has split the nation into two halves- Team green/white/red/black and Team red/blue/white.

The great dress debate has managed to polarise views online and across the country, and has rapidly degenerated into a vicious mudslinging match. Both parties remain adamant in the belief that they are right and the other is wrong.


A member of the Team green/white/red/back tweeted: “This dress is green, white, red and back. Period! Yentie obiaa.” In response, a member of Team red/blue/white also tweeted: “Are serious?! You better drop that yam! #TeamRedBlueWhite.”

But despite the confusion, there is a common consensus among scientists that “a person’s origin-whether north or south, has very little to do with how they see this particular dress.” A neuroscientist from an Accra based university explained that, for most of the aggressive voices in this debate, the fight is more than one’s origin. “For these people, their retinas and brains are directly connected to the hand that feeds them. So they only see what they are told to see.”

The scientists concluded that although people will always see the same article of clothing differently, that should not lead us to rip ourselves and the dress to pieces.

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