Parliament To Debate Via Whatsapp


Information reaching YesiYesiGhana indicates the government is supposedly preparing to table a Social Media Bill before parliament.

The bill when it becomes law will pave the way for the implementation of the much awaited e-Parliamentary System. This system will see the creation of a Whatsapp group chat where MPs can have parliamentary debates and discussions on their smartphones straight from the comfort of their state homes or wherever else they like to spend their time.

The idea of the e-Parliamentary System has been hailed as a forward-looking approach to government in an age of phenomenal technological advancement. And it’s implementation has also been perfectly timed to coincide with the donation of quality smartphones to the members of parliament by the very benevolent Chinese government.

Speaking in favour of the draft bill even before it is put before the house, one honourable member stressed that the e-Parliamentary group chat will help relieve the stress of having to endure long travelling hours to parliament through the capital’s dreadful traffic jam and on roads laden with potholes, all from the back seat of their air conditioned official four wheel drives. The MP added it will also give the honourable members the added advantage of preserving their vocal chords for their re-election campaigns rather than go shouting “yeah yeah” for discussions they have very little interest in.

The bill is expected to face no opposition and should be passed into law by the end of the year.

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