‘Where will we shoot our music videos now?’ asks Ghana musicians as SA xenophobic attacks continue

‘Where will we shoot our music videos?’ asks Ghanaian musicians

Ghanaian musicians who usually flock to South Africa to shoot their music videos say they are unsure where else they can find “suitable wintry conditions to warrant the wearing of fur coats and leather jackets in their music videos.”

Their concerns come amid calls to boycott South African brands following the recent wave of xenophobic attacks against foreigners in Durban- who are mostly immigrants from Nigeria, Somali, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Ethiopia.

“South Africa was the only place that could make our videos look like we were in Yankee. Fur coats, white woman and fast cars,” lamented one artiste.

Another artiste suggested they start shooting more of their videos at the Accra Mall since it was the only place they could comfortably wear their leather jackets.