Why Ghana Should Adopt GM Food

A group of biotechnologists from one of the country’s top universities have called on the government and the good people of Ghana to adopt genetically modified (GM) food.

They made the call at a press conference where they unveiled a special stock of corn seed that grows straight into ready-to-eat banku. The scientists said this special stock of corn is the product of years tinkering with the genetic make up of the crop.

Presenting the seed to the journalists at a press conference, the head of the research team, Professor Tweeaa, LL.M., MSc BSc, CH.M., MBBS, declared, “what we have before us is no longer a corn seed but a banku seed. We have done extensive tests at a number of restaurants in the US and we can say without a shadow of doubt that this is absolutely safe for human consumption.”

Highlighting the advantages of this genetically modified seed, Professor Tweeaa said: “The best thing about this seed is that, with the right conditions, it will be ready for harvesting just 2 hours after planting!” Challenged by one doubting reporter to prove this, the scientist slipped a seed into a flower pot, filled it with 2 litres of water and added a pinch of salt. Within 2 hours the seed had germinated and blossomed into a fine piece of ready-to-eat banku, pictured above.

A representative of the Chopbar Operators Association also welcomed the idea of the banku seed. He urged the scientists to consider using this technology to produce fufu seeds as well as light soup with goat meat seeds.

Tasting the freshly harvested banku at the end of the press conference, one impressed reporter declared, “this GM food isn’t bad at all, my wife will be very impressed. With this, she can prepare my banku without stepping into the kitchen. This is high tech banku, maybe we should call it iBanku.”

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