World Cup winner to be decided on continental rotation policy- FIFA

With just hours before the World Cup kicks off in Brazil, FIFA has stunned the football world with the revelation that the winner of this year’s competition will be decided on a continental rotation policy, similar to the system used to select the 2010 (South Africa) and 2014 (Brazil) World Cup hosts.

The decision to introduce the continental rotation policy, according to FIFA, was taken after fans in four of the six football confederations threatened to boycott football’s showcase tournament in Brazil. Fans from North/Central America and the Caribbean, Africa, Asia and Oceania revealed they will no longer endure the disappointment of seeing their teams return home without the big prize. “For decades we have taken part in the World Cup but it always ends in tears. We feel we deserve the chance to experience the joy and euphoria European and South American fans are all so familiar with,” one Asian fan argued.

FIFA explained that under this new policy, the six world confederations- CONMEBOL (South America), AFC (Asia), UEFA (Europe), OFC (Oceania), CAF (Africa) and CONCACAF (North/Central America and the Caribbean) would rotate in their turn of providing a winner for the World Cup. Starting with this particular World Cup, CAF member countries will provide the winner. The African team with the highest points after the group stages will be automatically sent through to the finals on July 13, where they will face which ever nation comes through the semi finals stage. To ensure that the African nation wins the final game, they will be gifted with 10 goals even before a ball is kicked.

Officials further explained that if two or more African nations are tied on points after the group stages, selection to the finals will be decided on the team with the best goal celebration. This particular rule has made Ghana’s Black Stars the firm favourite to lift the trophy in Brazil.

One jubilant African fan observed, “It’s only fair that fans from Europe and South America are also made to feel the collective anguish and envy that swells up within when you watch a team from another continent lift the trophy, spray champagne over each other, run around the pitch topless then scream at the cameras before kissing the screens then go on to sing ‘we are the champions.’ While all this is unfolding, their jubilant fans are taking selfies to be pasted all over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!”

Even though a decision is yet to be made, it is believed the Asian region will be the likely candidate to provide the winner for the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

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