Adulterer accuses fornicators of being sinful

A man who was caught sleeping with the wife of his friend and colleague has unashamedly cast the proverbial first stone and a leather belt at a pair of adolescents who allegedly engaged in consensual sex.

The founder and leader of International notGod’s Way Church Dumbniel Obinim, an all-round scumbag and a self-admitted adulterer who pleaded for forgiveness when his two year affair with the wife of a colleague came to light has now jumped on his moral high horse, accusing the two young members of his congregation of ungodly behaviour.

A video clip which emerged online shows Dumbniel Obinim flogging the two youngsters amid chimes from a piano and cheering from the gathering of morons.

Dumbniel Obinim who has in the past been allowed to get away with despicable behaviour like physically abusing a pregnant member of his congregation has come under severe criticism but a number of Obinim’s followers have come out in his defence.

One follower of Dumbniel Obinim quoted scripture in the bishop’s defence saying: “Touch not the man of fraud.”