‘Akpeteshie prisoners’ definitely ready for re-integration into society- Ghana Prison Service

The Ghana Prison Service (GPS) has rebuffed criticism over the conduct of a prison officer who escorted prisoners to a local boozer last Saturday, saying the recent incident “clearly demonstrates the prisoners involved have been successfully prepared for a quick return to an alcohol-guzzling Ghanaian society.”

A GPS report defended the prison officer and prisoners of the Ankaful Prison Annex who were spotted at a bar in Duakro downing shots of akpeteshie. The report said the “akpeteshie-downing prisoners were merely attuned to the collective psyche of a nation that has more drinking spots than hospitals.

“The remit of prisons are to prepare inmates for re-integration into society and quite clearly, these Ankaful inmates have demonstrated their suitability for reintegration into a society that measures the value of its best farmers in bottles of Joy Daddy bitters.”

The report suggested the inmates “would have fitted seamlessly” into the Easter long weekend alcohol-fuelled festivities around the country.

The Prisons Service also recommended the immediate release of the boozy inmates for showing their readiness to be reintegrated as true members of the Ghanaian society that clearly loves a drink.