Akufo Addo creates new Ministry for Strategic Dev’t of Jobs For The Boys

The new government led by Nana Akufo Addo will have a new ministry to oversee the creation of more jobs for friends and other party functionaries.

The new Ministry for Strategic Development of Jobs For The Boys has been tasked with the development of new and innovation ways of splitting up existing ministries and creating a multitude of needless bureaucracy. An official statement said the new ministry is in line with the president’s promise of insisting on “value for money” by ensuring that all his campaign funders are able to recoup their investments.

The new taxpayer-funded ministerial outfit, which will be established along the lines of the previous government’s ‘create and loot’ philosophy, is only one of six other ministerial portfolios created by the Akufo Addo government since it took office earlier this week.

The official statement explained that the new ministry will ensure “President Akufo Addo fulfills his campaign promise of bringing about change by putting money back in the pocket of the public campaign funders.”