Amewu gets on one knee and begs Bronzy 1 to stop ‘gala’ business

The Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, John Peter Amewu, has reportedly gone down on one knee before Bronzy 1, a known galamsey operator and begged him to cease the illegal mining operations.

The Minister said his actions are in keeping with the government’s policy of ending the destructive illegal mining business by “going on one knee and begging all illegal miners- both foreigners and Ghanaians, to stop their illegal business operations.” This revelation comes only days after Mr. Amewu begged the Chinese Ambassador to help stop Chinese nationals from engaging in illegal mining in Ghana.

The minister, who made the revelation during a visit to the East Legon residence of the chief ‘gala’ operator and number one pillock, Bronzy 1 said he will soon embark on a tour to areas affected by galamsey operations “to beg the operators to stop destroying the environment.”

Mr. Amewu was confident that the government’s ‘begging’ policy will work, insisting that “begging the Chinese and the ‘gala’ boys is the best way to tackle the galamsey problem.”

“Why apply the law when you can simply beg the Chinese and our ‘gala’ boys to stop plundering our natural resources. I have my knee pads and I’m ready to go down on a knee and beg.”