See what happened when BBC Africa interviewed a real life Pinocchio

Television cameras have captured the dramatic moment when the nose of a real life Pinocchio was seen growing during an interview with BBC Africa’s Peter Okwoche.

The man who has now been nicknamed Pinocchio John– after the wooden boy whose nose grew when he told a lie– was answering questions about bribery and corruption during which he denied ever taking a bribe since entering Ghana’s national politics about two decades ago.

Members of the camera crew and other BBC staff said they were astounded to see the man’s nose “grow a few inches longer just seconds after” he denied ever taking a bribe. “I saw his nose twitch and then it shot out like a tree branch,” disclosed a cameraman.

A source close to the real life Pinocchio said he was “relieved” no questions were asked about Pinocchio John’s properties in Dubai. “Pinocchio John would have had to deny owning any property in the Middle Eastern city. His nose would have consequently grown longer than a teak tree,” explained the source.