BREAKING NEWS: Military chief wears army uniform

The principal head of the Ghana Armed Forces has reportedly attended a military function in an army combat uniform.

This newsworthy event has undoubtedly gripped the attention of the nation’s discerning media agencies as well as online commentators. “This army uniform incident has once again given our exceptional journalists the opportunity to remind us that they possess a keen eye for news,” noted one observer.

A close ally of the Commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces praised the legions of Ghanaian “pocket” and professional lawyers for their “efforts to keep the army uniform saga on the front pages by turning the issue into a legal ‘toetars’.”

Another close ally said he was extremely pleased by the ease with which public attention is regularly swayed. “It doesn’t take much to shift the media conversation from politically damaging issues like dumsor and the countless cases of malfeasance.”

“All Oga has to do is to ditch his batakari for military fatigues- for one day only, and the media goes gaga,” he explained.