Budding stomach politician vows not to hide stolen money in Panama

An up-and-coming young stomach politician has vowed not to send any future ill-gotten wealth to the scandal hit offshore tax haven of Panama.

The 22 year old who is currently a student leader at an Accra based university plans to bootlick his way into a deputy ministerial appointment soon after university. He said he “is determined to make a million dollars before quitting politics and not even a cedi of it will be hidden any where near Panama.”

Corrupt politicians, their families and close associates have been thinking up new ways to hide their loot after a massive leak by Panamanian offshore law firm, Mossack Fonseca revealed details of hundreds of politicians, from around the world– including Pakistani prime minister Nawaz Sharif, father of British prime minister David Cameron and Iceland’s prime minister Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson, who has stepped down from office amid mounting public outrage– known to have been using secretive offshore tax havens.

The budding stomach politician said he drew great inspiration from Victoria Hammah, the Deputy Communications Minister Victoria Hammah who was sacked in 2013 after she was recorded allegedly saying she will stay in politics until she has made $1m.