Buhari calls English football “fantastically corrupt”

President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria has described English football as “fantastically corrupt” in a conversation with close aides.

The Nigerian president was overheard saying, “English football, like Westminster politics, is full of corrupt characters. They gave us ‘Greedy Tony’ (Blair), ‘Dodgy Dave’ (Cameron) and now we have ‘Sleazy Sam’ (Allardyce).”

The remarks come a day after England manager, Sam Allardyce, was sacked over an illegal £400,000 payment as well as offering his advice to a businessman on how to bend English football transfer rules. A further eight current and former Premier League managers have also been named as taking bribes during player transfers.

A spokesman for the Nigerian president said “the remarks, although outspoken and unguarded, were not untrue.”

The spokesman added that “stakeholders in English football often pretend to be holier than thou but they’re no better than the likes of Sepp Blatter- the disgraced former FIFA boss.”