Buhari to give up presidency to become an offensive and unfunny stand-up comedian

President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria is set to abandon his anti-corruption crusade to concentrate on becoming a boring, offensive and unfunny comedian.

The Nigerian leader who is on a state visit to Germany, performed his first stand-up routine at a joint press briefing with his German hostess Angela Merkel. Buhari’s routine targeted his own wife, saying the First Lady “belongs in his kitchen”.

The joke which drew an awkward glance from the German chancellor, has now placed Buhari alongside Ghana’s DKB as one of the most offensive and unfunny comedians of all time.

Reports say President Buhari is planning to launch his version of the popular comedy show- A Night of a 1000 Laughs. Sources close to the president say he intends to call it, A Night of a 1000 Gaffes.