Canadian who bet $10k on Accra floods bets on another gas explosion by end of 2017

The Canadian man who scooped a handsome winning in 2016 with a $10,000 bet on the Accra floods has once again placed a ‘sure banker’ on another gas explosion happening in Accra next year.

The bet follows Saturday’s apocalyptic gas explosion at a fuel station in Atomic Junction, Accra- the third gas explosion in the capital this year. The anonymous punter stands to win $195,600 if his bet on another gas explosion happening in Accra comes off.

He said he could not resist the temptation to put a future wager on another gas explosion in Accra, explaining that “the two most predictable man-made disasters in Accra are floods and gas explosions.”

“Normally, I do not bet on events like gas explosions because they are highly unpredictability. But events in Accra are slightly different. You have city authorities who have no interest in enforcing rules and regulations, and fuel station owners who have no care for public safety- I don’t have to be a genius to work out what will happen.”

The Canadian gambler is once again banking on the ineptitude of Accra city authorities to make himself a small fortune.

“Greed, ineptitude and stupidity will always make an explosive mix,” he added.