Candidates adopt ‘manual labour for votes’ strategy

Campaign for the December general elections has moved up a gear in the last week as candidates took to the streets in an attempt to win over voters, with some offering to do manual labour in exchange for votes.

The ‘manual labour for votes’ campaign strategy has seen several candidates visit the homes of voters to clean pots and pound fufu, all in hopes of gaining votes in the December elections. Alfred Oko Vanderpuije, the current Mayor of Accra and Africa’s mayor of mayors- who is seeking to extend his incompetence to Ghana’s parliament, has been photographed braiding the hair of a female voter.

A close aide of the mayor said they intend to use the ‘manual labour for votes’ strategy in conjunction with the ’empty promises’ strategy to rope in gullible voters. “We will first promise them heaven on earth and then erase any lingering doubts by braiding their hair, cooking with them and generally pretend to care about their welfare.”