China’s ‘iPhone 7 girlfriend’ abandons new house after disgruntled boyfriends send 20 Samsung Note 7s

The Chinese female Casanova who conned her 20 current boyfriends into buying her 20 of the newly launched iPhone 7 has now been forced to abandon the house she bought with proceeds from the sale of the expensive smartphones.

Reports from Shenzhen, China say the woman, named online as Xiao Li, has deserted the newly bought house after all 20 disgruntled boyfriends each sent her the explosion-prone Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone as “the perfect housewarming gift to celebrate her move into the new house.”

A 30 year old man who claims to be one of Li’s victims confirmed he sent Miss Li a Samsung smartphone engraved with a personal message which read “To my phoney girlfriend, with love xx”.