Crazy exes everywhere now considering hijacking planes to gain your attention

Ladies, do you remember that crazy ex who just won’t go away? You blocked him on WhatsApp because he kept calling and texting 18 months after the break up. And then blocked him on Facebook and Instagram because he kept ‘liking’ everything you put up. Well, you have temporarily succeeded in getting rid of him but don’t be surprised to see him commandeering a plane to an airport near you.

Aviation security experts say crazy exes who have been blocked on Facebook, WhatsApp and other communication platforms may now resort to hijacking planes to gain the attention of the estranged partners.

The security advice comes in the wake of Tuesday’s events involving an Egyptian man who hijacked a domestic flight with 72 passengers and crew on board, diverting it to Cyprus where he told police he acted because he wanted to reach his estranged Cypriot wife.

Security experts fear Seif Eldin Mustafa, 59, may have inspired other crazy exes and stalkers who have been blocked on Facebook, WhatsApp and other communications platforms for relentlessly pestering other users.

Reports say Facebook and WhatsApp have both agreed to issue a warning to users who attempt to block their estranged partners. Insiders revealed the warning may read like this: “Are you sure you want to block John? Block John on your timeline and you may just see him flying across your skyline.”

One security expert urged all individuals, especially women, to consider the security implications of blocking ex partners, “however annoying they may be.”