EC officials terrified as ‘ghost voter’ shows up at voters register exhibition

The sighting of a ghostly apparition at a voters register exhibition station has left officials and eyewitnesses terrified, according to reports.

Officials at the voters register exhibition station at an unnamed border town reported of “a ghost floating towards one of the registration tables” just a few hours after the exhibition of the revised voters register and re-registration of persons who registered with National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) cards began.

One eyewitness described the apparition as “a man dressed in all white who appeared from nowhere and seemed to be gliding from table to table.” Another eyewitness claims to have heard the ‘ghost voter’ demanding to check his “personal details and fingerprint in the electoral register to ensure he is able to vote during the general elections in November.”

A paranormal investigator who spoke to YesiYesi News said “given the number of ghost names in the electoral register, it is not surprising that a ghost voter will show up at the exhibition and re-registration station.” The expert warned of more of such ghost sightings, “especially at polling stations in border towns” throughout the period of the exercise which ends on August 7.

“As long as we have ghost names on the voters register, we should expect to have more of such visits,” he added.