EC replaces logo with ‘copy and paste’ symbol 

The Electoral Commission (EC) has replaced its recently unveiled logo after it came under widespread criticisms from the general public.

The commission admitted the latest logo, which is essential the ‘copy and paste’ symbol is a reflection of the values and principles of the EC’s current leadership.

The unusual decision to introduce the latest logo comes only days after the EC scrapped its new logo amid accusations of plagiarism. Critics say the ditched logo– eight arrows depicting human figures each with a head of either a red, green, yellow or white dot– is too similar to that of Yedi Sistem, a Turkish educational and counselling centre.

The commission’s latest logo shows a plain crest containing the ‘copy and paste’ symbol and the image of a goat– a subtle reminder of the EC’s links with the dead goat.

The EC also unveiled the design alongside a new slogan– ‘Wasting Taxpayer’s Money’– spelling the end for its famous motto ‘Transparency, Fairness, Integrity.’