Everyone wondering when MPs and ministers will ditch V8s for Ayaalolo buses

The successful launch of the Bus Rapid Transport service in Accra has left Ghanaians wondering when “honourable” members of parliament and ministers of state will ditch their fuel guzzling official vehicles for the Ayaalolo buses.

The park-and-ride service, a government initiative designed to ease congestion in Accra city centre, will also help workers and other travellers to save money on their daily commute.  Many residents of Accra who used the service this morning were particularly pleased with the idea of saving money on their daily commute to work and demanded to know when MPs and ministers of state will park their taxpayer funded V8 Toyotas and ride to work on the Ayaalolo bus.

“You’d think that with Ghana’s struggling economy, our honourable MPs, ministers and other state officials will voluntarily give up their V8s and ride to work on these buses,” lamented a concerned woman.

“But this is Ghana, we can’t expect honourable to do the reasonable. Oga would rather waste state funds on fuelling V8 engines than park-and-ride with the taxpayers who fund his big-man lifestyle,” she continued.

Another passenger explained that “Ghanaian honourables do V8s while ordinary taxpayers do Ayeelolo bus.”